Medication Distribution


Medications are available in a combination of 30-day Box and Bingo as requested by the DON. Medications can be returned to the pharmacy for credit where applicable by law.

Computerized Medical Records

Medical Records and nursing forms are customized on an individual basis to meet the needs specific to a particular nursing facility. Unique to ReUnion Rx is the ability to print cautionary data on the medication administration record in RED in order to bring the information to the attention of the nurse.

Long Term Care Billing

Each facility is assigned an individual billing representative responsible for all aspects of the billing process. The facility will also have access to customizable detailed billing statements and charge summary documents. In addition, a myriad of custom financial reports can be furnished upon request.

Professional Account Management

Every facility will be assigned a Registered Nurse and/or a Registered Pharmacist as a professional service representative. This representative will serve as the liaison between the facility and the pharmacy.


The education of our customers is one of our top priorities and we understand that each facility is unique with regard to their educational needs. All programs are custom designed with the input of the DON and Education Coordinator and can be tailored to all disciplines such as residents, nursing, CNA, physician and family nights.